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Our Services

Our firm prides itself on creating a strong and caring relationship with our clients. We offer not only our competency, but our independence as financial planners for clients looking to attain their most important core value financial goals. At the forefront of our offering is world class client service. At Full Spectrum Financial Solutions, we structure our business around our client's specific needs, desires and objectives, while being careful to maintain objectivity through our independence.

Key Characteristics of Our Practice:

Independence: we are affiliated with the one of the largest independent broker/dealers in the country. Securities America Inc. does not manufacture any investment or financial products. It is our goal to find the best financial solutions available in the market and offer them to our clients.

Principal Owned: I am the owner of my practice and my clients meet directly with me for financial advice and I am supported by my team of financial professionals on behalf of my clients.

Institutional Money Managers: We offer a wide array of diversified institutional and pension style money managers. The portfolios are designed and monitored at a team level both qualitatively and quantitatively. They are comprised of Strategic, Tactical and Alternative strategies.

Portfolio Risk/Return Management: We design our portfolios with a risk/return efficiency approach. The focus being on the degree of volatility and standard deviation a portfolio takes on to meet its respective return goals.

Strategic Alliance: Our practice stresses a high level of communication between the strategic alliances created between our clients’ other advisers that include their CPA and Estate Planning Attorney. We believe that it results in a more comprehensive and efficient implementation across several financial areas.

Review: We encourage a formal semiannual review to discuss portfolio results and how they impact a client’s financial circumstances. Additional review frequency is circumstance related.

Demographics: We are a multi state firm providing financial services to clients and companies in New York, Florida, Virginia, California, Illinois, and most of the east coast. If determined prudent, we can register in any state within the United States.

Full Spectrum Financial Solutions has a client focus in two main demographics, high net worth individuals and small businesses.


Though not all high net worth clients are in transition, we have found our services most benefit those individuals who are getting ready to retire, those who have lost a loved one, changing jobs, sending their child to college, or looking to accumulate wealth for other various core financial goals. Many individuals desire a working comprehensive plan, designed o take a snapshot of their current assets and available financial resources. A comprehensive financial analysis helps to develop an implementable path for the client to follow as they look to achieve their financial life goals.


Services We Provide:

  • Cash Flow Analysis: budgeting.

  • Risk Management: review assets available for self insurance strategies versus the possible need for life, disability or long term care insurance.

  • Investments: portfolio designs geared for different client goals.

  • Tax Strategies: relative to investment portfolios and earned income, helping a client keep more of what they earn.

  • Retirement Planning: geared toward efficient income distribution and asset longevity. Review of company pension and rollover benefits. 

  • Estate Planning: includes efficient transfer of assets to beneficiaries with an emphasis on the minimization of the wealth transfer tax liability.

Small Business:

 When working with small business owners we focus on the  integration of business and personal financial goals. We provide comprehensive financial planning across several core business financial areas, such as employee benefits, qualified plan strategies and various tax saving strategies. In doing so, we are poised to bridge the gap a small business owner is confronted with regarding their business and personal financial goals. Identifying these gaps and providing solutions that overlap between a client’s business and their personal financial goals, supports the idea that small business owners “are their business and their business is them”. A small business owner simply can’t go out and sell company stock to raise capital. They typically have to raise capital by borrowing money or utilizing personal assets. This can cause a significant strain in both business and personal financial planning. We address these issues with solutions that balance the need in both areas.


Services We Provide:

  • Qualified and Non-Qualified Retirement Plans:

           1. 401k

           2. Profit Sharing Plans

           3. Defined Benefit Plans

           4. SIMPLE and SEP IRA Plans

           5. Executive Bonus Plans

           6. Deferred Compensation Plans

  • Business Entity Structure Evaluation: single vs multi-entity, c-corporation, s-corporation, LLC, partnerships and sole proprietors.

  • Executive Compensation and Executive Personal Financial Planning

  • Employee Health and Related Employee Benefit Plans: human resouce and PEO offerings, group insurance and group long term care, group 529 college savings plans, section 125 (flex spending accounts). 

  • Tax Reduction Strategies: welfare benefit plans (419e) and cost segregation plans.

  • Employee Financial Planning and Education Programs

  • Risk Management Programs: buy/sell agreements and funding, key man insurance and captive insurance concepts.