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Did you know....

November 08, 2013

Did you know that you can transfer your current Allstate 401k into an IRA before you retire?   

And still keep your current Allstate 401k for ongoing payroll contributions

We can show you how!  We at Full Spectrum Financial Solutions would like to offer you a free consultation to guide you through the process of performing an in-service rollover.  This process permits your existing assets within your Allstate 401k to be rolled over into your very own IRA.  This process will avoid IRS penalty and tax consequences.


Are you:
•    Taking advantage of all your 401k pre-tax benefits?
•    Sure how much you should contribute or where to allocate your 401k assets?
•    Alone without professional help when deciding which investments are right for you?
•    Frustrated with the limited number of investment choices available in your plan?
•    Without help to review your 401k when things change in the market?

•    Continue to contribute to your current Allstate 401k with payroll deductions.
•    Learn about your 401k benefits such as matching, investment allocation choices and funding guidelines.
•    Work with an experienced Certified Financial Planner™ when making investment decisions.
•    Inside of your new IRA, you can choose from thousands of investment options available on the market.

Please fill out the 2nd Opinion form on the left to schedule your FREE consultation and let us show you how the transfer process works.